everything changes and so do i

God its been a long time since I’ve written anything. I frequently think about writing… I just don’t actually sit down and do it. My health has been kind of up and down enough that I sort of couldn’t? Or something. As I mull things over I realize that this could quickly become just another […]

it was tdor(tm) and i forgot

It was tdor(tm) this week and I forgot. I probably wouldn’t even have remembered if not for the facilitator of the trans-only CBT group therapy I’m currently doing. Which, I guess, in its own way is maybe Ironic. Or maybe not. It isn’t that I don’t care. I do. Amusingly, when the facilitator mentioned that […]

what libraries are and what libraries should be

In discussing the question of neutrality and libraries a careful distinction must be made between the descriptive and prescriptive elements. Descriptive: talking about what libraries <em>are</em>; ‘are libraries neutral?’. Prescriptive: talking about what libraries <em>should be</em>; ‘should libraries be neutral?’. Reading that <a href=”http://bit.ly/2iSaVhQ”>blog post by some white guy about ‘ugly beliefs’ and library neutrality</a> […]

on connecting speech to action

I still can’t get this <a href=”http://news.psu.edu/story/478590/2017/08/22/administration/richard-spencer-not-welcome-speak-penn-state”>press statement from Penn State about richard spencer not being welcome to speak</a>. This paragraph in particular makes my mind boggle:</p><blockquote> <p>After critical assessment by campus police, in consultation with state and federal law enforcement officials, we have determined that Mr. Spencer is not welcome on our campus, as […]

on misguided attempts to placate white ppl

I just watched <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/NowThisPolitics/videos/1669125023118981/”>this video telling white ppl that white culture isn’t under attack and how the narrative needs to end</a>. Amusingly the video is exactly the unhelpful kind of discourse that attempts to placate whiteness more than it challenges. The video goes on to say how white supremacists push a narrative about how […]

the slip and slide of depression metaphors

So I’m looking at this audiobook and trying to decide if I want to get it. Looking at the reviews the most common description for the overall tone of the book is… ‘dark’. One person mentions that it was nominated (or won?) some kind of award for best dark mm novel (or whatever). Some of […]

how i failed to get accommodations at work (or how work failed me…)

It’s too funny that I recently posted about needing <a href=”https://epicfails.xyz/posts/2017-05-17-how-do-i-ask-for-accommodations-for-accommodations.html”>accommodations for accomodations</a>. Turns out that I should’ve figured out some way to ask for accommodations for accommodations since I failed in my attempt to get proper documentation or some such bureaucratic nonsense. The situation was this: I dutifully fill out the forms. See my […]