i’m re-purposing this site into a unified space given that i’ve appeared to almost have abandoned my online life. in this new year (2018) i’m going to try and breath some new life into biyuti publishing (and get that fucking book i’ve been working on for the past few years out — not my book mind you, but a book i think is important and pretty much the only reason why biyuti publishing even still exists).

re: unified space… i’m still somewhat invested in the idea of a newsletter, but instead of tinyletter i’ll be running it through here… so subscribe! this is probably going to be the most reliable way to get any of my new writing….

[if u don’t actually see the subscription form its bc of an ad-blocker or whatever. i know i couldn’t see it at first. there should be a widget in the sidebar too.]

get the buzz

what little writing i do is going to go through here. or something. idek.

for the record:

i’m mx. b. aka b. binaohan aka biyuti. i founded biyuti publishing, the only twoc/tpoc focused publishing house there is. i’m also a philosopher. i sometimes write books.

i’m a tranpinay ladyboy. my pronouns are ‘they/them/theirs’.